Leveling Up

I posted a video in the summer of 2020 around my birthday after i’d had some champagne (shocking) talking about some unsolicited advice I’d shared with a girl at a beauty appointment. It was such a simple exchange but she told me how she didn’t want to be single while also telling me she wasContinue reading “Leveling Up”

Changing the way I eat

I wrote about intermittent fasting on the blog a while back and wanted to share some tips that have helped me enjoy food more and get rid of the diet mindset. I’ll share some simple tips below like I started using smaller plates and I don’t eat out of a bag of popcorn for exampleContinue reading “Changing the way I eat”

Tulum Vibes

I found direct flights to Cancun from Charlotte for less than $300 round trip (shout out to Scott’s Cheap Flights) and I had seen pictures of Tulum on Instagram years ago and really wanted to go. I loved Tulum and will definitely be back. It’s a plant based foodie’s Mecca. There’s elements of burning man,Continue reading “Tulum Vibes”

My Tanning Routine

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I used to get spray tans really regularly (about once a week) and I love having a bit of color. It makes your eyes brighter, teeth look whiter, you look slimmer and more toned and who doesn’t want a more even skin tone and aContinue reading “My Tanning Routine”

Hints of Burgundy

You guys know I don’t like to spend a ton on clothes… my travel budget is way too important to me. I was walking through the mall the other day and passed the Stuart Weitzman shoe store and just kept walking. If you’re not familiar, their over-the-knee boots are all over social media. (You knowContinue reading “Hints of Burgundy”